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ALL of our man power are fully Insurance Covered for Health ( Include the family members), Accident and Pension Cover ( Please see our Insurance Certificate in this page)

We supply small, medium and Large Company Such as IKEA, so we are able to work mass production.

Black Bamboo or GIGANTOCHLOA atroviolacea:
Bamboo in Indonesia knows many species and varieties of use. Traditionally bamboo in Java is used predominantly for the construction industry – furniture and musical instruments. Black bamboo, the variety we work with is also known under its scientific name as GIGANTOCHLOA atroviolacea: Cultivated only in Central & West Java, where it is known as WULUNG in the Javanese language. Black bamboo is loosely tufted, has numerous braches and has internodes of 40 – 50 cm. It is valued for its black culms, which are widely used to make furniture and musical instruments. The shoots are also edible turning a yellowish-pinkish color after cooking. The total height of each bamboo tree is about 12m – 15 meters with a maximum wall thickness of 3 cm and a maximum diameter of 10 – 11 cm.

Our products:
We produce JAVA BLACK BAMBOO fences and borders for gardens and have by-products of waste and rejected bamboo like sun screens, flower pots, mirrors and separators bathroom accessories and assemblies in combination with our other activities.

Emergency Housing:

Also we are preparing for emergency housing to be delivered in a complete package. Designs are currently under study how to assemble and erect a black bamboo house with minimal hassle and to be able to create flexibility on the ground as this type of housing is predominantly aimed for the domestic market in situations of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tidal waves, natural disasters to which Indonesia is subjected more and more with its most western location on the ring of fire and on top of the Indo-Australian plate. The development is still in its infant stage as we were usually contracted to deliver components only for NGO rep offices in Indonesia.

Black bamboo processing:
Black bamboo poles are cut into components by our suppliers and sun-dried up to approximately 25% MC where after we kiln dry the bamboo components up to 15 – 17 % The bamboo components are then treated on our premises with a mixture of chemicals for a short duration. We try to eliminate the chemicals now with a more environmentally friendly concoction of natural materials, whereby the bamboo has to remain in the water for 48 hours.

Then the bamboo components are dried again, where after we turn them into fences and borders with a variety of construction manners and lengths. The construction depends chiefly on the customers needs and varies from a system of back-slat support to wire and plastic ties for our endless bamboo fence line. Ready fences are stored in our solar powered warehouse where we heat the fences before loading up to 55-60 C.

Our capacity:
We currently have a production capacity of 3 x 40’ high cube containers per month and plan to increase this to 5 x 40’

Our transactions:

All quotations, transactions and trade are based on and subject to our standard trading conditions which are published on our website. Please review this page carefully prior to placing your order.

Our markets:
Our main export markets for black bamboo fences and borders are currently in Asia, which has a longtime association with bamboo and its versatility of uses, whereas we expect demand of Southern Europe USA and South Africa to increase during the course of 2011 as bamboo is becoming a more and more accepted commodity as awareness of ecological and sustainable concepts grow ever more.

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